MBA for Kids?

Entrepreneurship education is on the rise while self-employment numbers are growing and 'Solopreneurs' are able to outsource, automate, and optimize in unprecedented ways. But do we need to get our children involved in the market so young? Should we let kids enjoy their childhood and not expose them to the stresses of life so early?

Is Your Kid a Future CEO?

As a parent, you have a major role to play in molding your child into a future leader. Leadership qualities can be identified quite early in a child’s life and it's not wrong for you to encourage your kid to become that very leader you see in them. 

Benefits of coaching

Coaching is not simply giving orders and expecting your team to perform. Coaching is about paying attention to everyone’s skills and inspiring them to bring their best either at the office or at your kids’ sports team. MOM.CEO suggests starting planting the seeds for the future success of your kids now by cultivating coaching skills at home as well as at work to ensure a brighter and more engaged future for all.

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